Before bonding a LingLock retainer any calculus should be removed and the bonding area should be cleaned carefully. As with any bonded attachments moisture control is critical. The teeth to be bonded are pumiced, etched with a 37% phosphoric acid, rinsed and dried.

A primer is applied to the teeth to be bonded and composite applied to the LingLock retainer.

The application strip is then guided in between the approximal surfaces of the neighbouring teeth and the LingLock retainer is brought into tooth contact. The guide strip is used to establish the position of the LingLock retainer in the superior/inferior direction. Use a hand instrument like a John Nielsen instrument to make any positional corrections in the horizontal plane. Use the John Nielsen instrument to push from the lingual side on the retention element holder to ensure a thin interface of bonding material between the LingLock ceramic elements and the enamel. The guide strip is used to hold the LingLock retainer in position by a firm grip. Use the John Nielsen instrument to remove gross excess of composite before light curing. Pay special attention in centre, close to the guide strip, and at the distal aspects of the element holder not to get problems in seating the next set of LingLock retainer. Light-cure the composite.

To remove the guide strip, take a firm grip to the strip placing the fingers in close contact to the buccal surface of the bonded teeth. Remove the strip by pulling it forward with a slight upward rotational movement. Then remove the retention element holder.

After bonding all five sets of LingLock retainers any excess of composite material is to be removed by the use of a low speed handpiece with a tungsten carbide burr.

The inter-dental access is checked by the use of waxed dental floss or Gore-TEX Glide floss. In case of difficulties in getting the floss through, let the patient try again after 12-24 hours.


Debonding of LingLock retainer can be done using a How or Weingart hand instrument or a Band-remover plier.

Important: Adhesive flash should be removed prior to debonding of the LingLock retainer by the use of low speed handpiece with a tungsten carbide burr.

Instructions: Position the tips of either a How or Weingart plier over the superior/inferior aspect of a LingLock element. Gently rock the element to debond. Clean plier jaws of any ceramic material after debonding each LingLock element. Using a Band-remover plier the active end of the plier should be placed undetneath the retention element and the polstered end of the plier should be placed on the incisal edge. Squeze gently to losen LingLock element.




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