The main objective of the development of the LingLock retainer has been to create an appliance for long term retention of the lower anterior teeth without increasing the risk to the orthodontic patients of developing periodontal disease or caries in the actual retention area.

Additional objectives have been to:

- Improve esthetics.
- Increase patient comfort.
- Reduce the laboratory work and chair time.
- Reduce the risk of accidental breakage.
- Facilitate repair.

The LingLock retainer and its placement

The LingLock retainer is made up of pairs of separate but co-working retention elements constructed in ceramic Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3). Pairs of elements are bonded to the lingual aspect of the lower anterior teeth from canine to canine.

Retention is created by intimate contact of the complimentary shaped and outlined contact surfaces of the retention elements. These are co-working interlocking, male and female parts.

An application tool has been developed to assist in placement of the retention elements. The application tool consists of a retention element holder and an application strip.





The retention element holder and the application strip ensure that the contact surfaces of the retention elements have the correct position both in relation to each other and in relation to the tooth pair to be bonded.



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