Orthodontics and retention

Maintaining the treatment result following orthodontic treatment is one of the the most difficult aspects of an orthodontic treatment. Permanent retention is increasingly being recommended as the only way to ensure long-term stability of an orthodontic treatment result.

The LingLock retainer is a new and unique product. Since it is a fixed bonded retainer, patient compliance is no issue. The teeth are stabilized by interactive support between the separate LingLock ceramic elements. The unique design enable patients to floss the teeth in a regular manner. The LingLock retainer is made in ceramics and is the ideal esthetic solution for long term stabilization of teeth following orthodontic treatment. The small dimensions and smoothened surface of the LingLock retainer makes it the most comfortable retainer on the marked. The complex trigometri of the locking components is produced utilizing advanced micro injection molding techniques.





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New retention protocol including the use of LingLock retainer in anterior segments of both dental arches.

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FDA approved and CE marked.


Journal of Orthodontics, Vol. 32, 2005, 241–243

LingLock® retainer - The solution for long term retention in orthodontics.                                               -fixed, flossable and esthetic-


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